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Paavo V. KOMI

Paavo V. Komi, PhD, FACSM, FECSS.
Is a professor emeritus specializing in neuromuscular science at the University of Jyv?skyl?, Finland.
Professor & Director of the Neuromuscular Research Center, Department of Biology of Physical Activity, University of Jyv?skyl?.

His investigations concentrate on Mechanisms and Adaptation of Neuromuscular Function in Exercise (Muscle mechanics, Neuromuscular control of movement, Neuromuscular fatigue, Mechanics of motion, Muscle damage, Molecular adaptation of muscle function, Training and detraining adaptation). Pioneer in the study of the stretch-shortening cycle, neuromuscular function, and its practical applications to sport training. Author of several monographs and numerous scientific articles. He has taught several university courses and lectured numerous conferences on specific topics of biology of physical activity, human performance and its practical application to sport training.

Broad experience monitoring the Strength and Power Training for different sport events. Best Replica Watches
Scientific Advisor of Entrenament Esportiu Barcelona (International Training Center and Training Services).



List of KOMI publications in PDF


The loss of Prof Paavo Komi on October 10th, 2018




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